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Austin LifeCare Services


Malakai's Mom
When I found out I was pregnant, I felt scared and unprepared. I felt so unsure about a lot of things in my life but the support, classes, and prayer at LifeCare made a big impact on me. LifeCare was one of the few places that I found joy. It wasn't easy for sure but when my baby came, I felt so much more prepared mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I was able to finish my semester in college and then be off for the summer to be with my new baby, Malakai. Through that time, I decided I was ready to marry my boyfriend. I am now finishing my last semester of Nursing school and will graduate in December 2013. I feel like a whole different person from last year when I first came to LifeCare. The Lord has blessed me tremendously through LifeCare and I can't thank them enough.

Isabella's Mom
At the age of 41, after completing a Press Secretary job, I received surprising and unexpected news - I was pregnant. The dream of pregnancy for me quickly changed from late 2nd marriage/first child to older single mom. Then almost instantly high risk pregnancy difficulties reared early in the first trimester forcing me to cancel contracts and close my company. It was one thing to write articles and speeches about healthcare, public assistance or Medicaid and another to become the statistic. Although I had never expected to needpublic assistance, I found myself without a doctor in the challenging process of applyingfor Medicaid.

I came to Austin LifeCare for an intake appointment and a free ultrasound. Theultrasound revealed the baby was healthy, despite my new medical challenges. I finally had relief to a growing anxiety. Most of all, I had nonjudgmental support. So, I began to utilize LifeCare's services as much as my health allowed; attending classes and earning needed items for my baby. When I was finally placed on bedrest, my PALdelivered items to my home and provided emotional support. Austin LifeCare filled in the gap for me when I was out of solutions and helped me celebrate the joy of pregnancy even in the midst of hardship. The last trimester brought it's own set of unique challenges. I was using a walker and during the emergency c-section, Isabella was born not breathing and I briefly died. Now, as I look at my daughter, I can say she truly is my "miracle child."